Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Somewhere in Wireless Mandaue City....

One of the nicest thing when you're on field work is that you'll get to places that you have never been to before. Driving around the city accomplishing what you were task to do is not that easy, specially if your stomach is knocking at your brain...."gutom na!".

 If you happen to pass by near Wireless Mandaue area why not drop by and have a good lunch at San Roque Parish Food Park. It's of course a place good for eating located just a few steps away to the right side of the church. It is somewhat like canteen style food park. A nice place near to an open soccer field located at the back of the church. Good ambiance shall I say. The place is run by the church cooperative thus the food is not that expensive as you might notice.

The menu is almost complete from "go", "grow", and "glow", hehehe. Lots of varieties to choose from. Fish, vegetables, protein rich food, fried or to variety of soup, ....basta daghan... Once you been there, there's always a chance for you to get back the next time you pass by the place.

As usual, we get to meet people from telecom, electric, water and to new addition the bottlers from one of the nearest bottling plant in the area, hahahaha... and some others.

Here are some sample pictures.


After the break, have a rest at the near by hut, unya himas himas dayun sa tiyan kay busog naman sad may tooth pick pa!.

Till next time.

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